Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Garden Project - How is it progressing? (P1)

With the blessing of this unseasonally warm weather, I thought that there was no better time to get cracking with some of the projects as outlined in 'The Garden Plan 2012'.

I have been thrilled with the amount that we have managed to get done.  J2 has been happy to play in the garden and 'help' with the projects (mostly involving filling and emptying the watering cans and sprayer over me, but hey, the drenchings have sometimes been appreciated...)


So without further a do this is a short summary of progress :

Tidying Up the Front of House

Work has started, but is to be completed on the small bedding area at the front of the house.  I have cleared it and dug out the root of the dead rose bush.  The Hubby has put some fresh top soil on it and I am giving it a good soak every evening for the next few days before I start planting it up with a bright and colourful bedding mix.

Back Garden

After my visit to the Chelsea Flower Show last week and picking up lots of literature, I am thrilled that my garden is full of amazing planting.  Some that were presumed to be weeds are certainly NOT.  This has drastically reduced the amount of work I thought it may require. 

There was also good progress made on finding all relevant garden play stuff for the children in the numerous boxes shoved in the garage (waiting to be 'sorted') since the move.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is one of those things that now makes me smile with pride.  The soil has been cleared, turned over and given a good soak for a few days.  I have made one side suitable for planting directly into the ground and so far have planted up carrots and (snigger's) 'Big Boy' (aka Beef) tomatoes. 

I have cucumbers (large and mini), purple sprouting Broccoli and a yellow tomato plant still to go in.  All fruit and vegetable plants have been purchased on special offers at various local Garden Centres.

The other side I have put some shelving units in for my seeds, my Fuchsia plugs (purchased from Chelsea) and any other newbies that come in. 

There is also a table to take the trugs of lettuce (baby mixed leaf), herbs and strawberries.  I have actually filled two trugs with strawberry plants and am experimenting with one outside and one in the greenhouse - we love strawberries so if they are successful I will do more next year.


Herbs : Chives; Basil; Thyme

Pots and Hanging Baskets

Again, I am insanely proud of the progress that has been accomplished with regard to pots and hanging baskets.  I have created two carefully planted hanging baskets for the front of the house.  I love trailing flowers in hanging baskets so put a selection of trailing Fucshias, Geraniums and Lobelia in both with a splash of colour in the form of Petunias in the middle.

I utilised several of the pots that were already in the garden, put fresh compost in and a selection of mixed bedding plants.  I also found this savvy lady and planted her with a Lobelia (white) and trailing Fushias. 

I purchased some larger 'Barrel' tubs whilst they were on special offer at the Garden Centre for prime placement on the front step to the entrance to the house.

Finally did two smaller pots for the back patio, with individual flowers that I love Allium (pink) and Dianthus (pink and white) and finished the look off with small grey pebbles.  These two pots took four small bags, which luckily were also on special offer at the Garden Centre.



Whilst we continue to be lucky and have this amazing weather I shall carry on with the other garden projects and hopefully have a further update post next week.  Unpacking boxes and working on sorting the inside of the house can recommence when the (inevitable) rubbish weather returns and not until that day!

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  1. That's all looking fab! I too laughed at 'Big Boys' hahahaha xx

  2. Funnier still, I just had to type in 'Rooody Maintenance' before I could publish that comment haha xx

  3. Oh wow, your garden looks amazing :) Sadly I don't seem to have inherited the family gardening gene: I weed, mow, prune and plant the occasional pansy and that's about it xx

    1. I must admit I am a bit of a fair weather gardener, but hoping the greenhouse will make it easier to get out in the cooler months (it's not a heated GH though!)

  4. Your garden is looking fantastic its lovely to be able to get outside away from all the boxes and renovating for awhile isn't it. We started doing the same last weekend too at least in the garden you can see real progress while enjoying the sunshine. Im really impressed with your greenhouse and veg we never have much sucsess with veg despite our yearly efforts. Thankyou for linking up with making it home look forward to seeing how your house progresses xx

    1. This is my first attempt at growing veg. My mum has done it for two years running. The first year she had a fantastic harvest, but last year everything got eaten or dug up by animals! So I think it's going to be a bit hit and miss. Am hoping by putting them in the GH they will have a bit of protection from the wildlife haha.x

  5. Very impressive! Lots of progress made already and you seem to have a great deal of space to play with. I love your pots and the white lady statue. Very envious of your fruit and vegetable collection, especially "big boy"! We have a few things in the ground so far and I think lettuces and raspberries are going to fare the best this year. Best of luck! Polly x

    1. I would like to try raspberries next year, along with strawberries they are a firm favourite and I love that they can be kept easily in the freezer for the non-raspberry months!x

  6. Yes, I too had a snigger at your Big Boy tomatoes too. Must say, you don't let the grass grow under your feet do you? (Haha). Very impressed with the speedy implementation of your action plan. If you find you've done it all in a flash then 'Garden Force feat. the Motherduck' is very welcome at my place!

  7. What great progress - its all looking fantastic. You've been working so hard. Love the Big Boy tomatoes. Its great that you have a green house so that you can grow your own. The hanging baskets look very pretty. I'll bet you are feeling very proud.

  8. Always glad to read amazing articles.. Will be back for more for sure! Thank you for sharing


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