Monday, 21 May 2012

The Garden Project - 2012

Once upon a time I used to grumble and moan when the 'Gardeners World' music came on the television set.  My parents used to tell me to go and find something else to do if I didn't like it (rightly so), but I wondered how anyone could find it interesting.  I mean it was about trees and plants - could it get anymore BORING?

Fast-forward 20 or so years.  With the wonder of Sky-Plus, I do not have to subject my children (or husband for that matter) to my  guilty pleasure of tv - ie - gardening; home restoration; or cookery programmes.  What happened to me?  Oh I know - I hit my 30's!
I was warned that this would happen.  I did not foresee it coming.  I thought I had avoided it in actual fact.  But since the birth of baby boy number 2, getting married and having that lust after and, for some people, elusive 'content' feeling in life - the desire to make our home beautiful and pretty caught up with me.

We have found an amazing home, with a lovely garden that requires a little work to bring it back to full beauty.  This is inspiring -it needs just the right amount of work that I think we will have the time to give it. 

I have also recently found an inspiring blog called 'Making It As Mum' who runs a 'Making it Home' feature.  This is a link up that asks all bloggers to link up posts outlining work they are doing to improve their home and gardens.  So I thought I would be able to join in with this and track my progress.

There are several 'mini-projects' within the overall Garden Plan.  These are :

1. Tidying up the front of house - we have a gravel front, so not too much work here : 

* The sides do have some overgrown weeds, which need some attention. 

* There is a brick built unit at the front of the drive, which is already full of wonderful roses and plants, again this just needs to be tidied up. 

* The third area is a small bedding area - right at the front of the house - which is completely overgrown.  I plan to clear this area and plant it up full of bright and beautiful summer bedding plants.

 (All reasonably priced bedding plants from The Range & Wilkinsons)

2. Back Garden - we have a good size, established back garden. 

It has obviously has had a lot of time and effort spent on it in the past.  It requires a few weekends work clearing the weeds from what should be there.  

The lawn is a useful rectangular shape and we have been able to fit the childrens trampolining and swing in with ease (phew). 

 (The boys toys)

I would like to add a small slide to the childrens area, as this is J2's favourite piece of apparatus at the park.  I also just recently saw a fantastic childrens matching patio set (table and two chairs with Parasol) and covered swing seat (in Monkey theme) at The Range which would be a very cool addition, but it is only on the 'wish list' for now.

3. The Greenhouse - Yes, at last I have inherited a Greenhouse within our rental - much happiness has been created for my mum and I with this addition.  At the moment it is in a bit of a sorry state - however - a good days work and I think it can be brought back to glory.  A good clean, soil replenish and a work bench or two and it will be a gardeners' delight once again.

4. Pots and Hanging Baskets - I love to see a house with lots of colourful and happy pots and hanging baskets adorning it.  At the moment mine looks like this :

Enough said.  I will be planting up several pots and hanging baskets over the next few weeks to pretty up the patio area (front and back).  I love that you can get a rotation system going with pots, so that when the current ones have lived their life, they can be whipped away and replenished with healthy ones.

I am also going to change this :

...into a fresh Herb trough.

5. Furniture - This house came with several wooden benches, tables and a small (J2) size chair.  They need a good rub down and paint treatment, but I think they are certainly worth saving (and will hopefully save us money too).  These are how they are at the moment :

So herein lies our Summer Challenge.  Lets hope we are soon to get a run of fine weather so that we can put the hours into it.  Garden work is always good for the children too. They are much happier to play in the garden if you are out pottering too and a good dose of sea air always helps everyone sleep better at night!
I am going to The Chelsea Flower Show on Friday so will be looking to be inspired by all the wonderful work on display.  We are also lucky enough to live close by to Beth Chatto Gardens, also a fantastic day out (sans children).
May the (Ground) Force be with us!


  1. Looks like you've got a great garden. How exciting to have inherited a greenhouse with it too. I've been to Beth Chatto gardens, it is lovely. I took Pip in a babysling with my Mum and Dad when he was little. I've got the funniest photo of him sitting on a bench with them looking like the grumpiest baby in the world..he was probably thinking this is SO BORING!

    1. LOL, it sure does seem to be a thing for grown ups, but I can also see gardening becoming a bit of a growing trend in the younger generation now too. J1's class is doing lots of gardening things within their curriculum, it's great.x

  2. What an excellent summer project. Your garden looks fab .... and so many things to do gardening wise. I would love to have a garden ... especially now we have started potty training ... that would make all the difference. An English garden with lots of green and plants and flowers is such a joy!

    1. Yes, this summer (towards the end of it) I think I will attempt Potty training, washing and drying is so much easier if you can get it outside! The more time I spend in this garden the more I love it and the more treasures I find hiding. We have made a good start on the projects thanks to this fine weather too!x


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