Thursday, 29 March 2012

Disability Diaries : The Day May Be Over But The Month Is Still To Come (Supporting Young Epilepsy)

**Part of a Series of Posts Supporting Young Epilepsy (**

Recently I have been publishing articles in conjunction with the charity Young Epilepsy, to raise awareness that International Epilepsy Awareness day and Young Epilepsy's 'My Purple Pledge' campaign was taking place on Monday 26 March 2012. 

My own 'Purple Pledge' was to write blog posts and publish them for Young Epilepsy. I think it is wonderful that a condition as serious and (sadly) common as Epilepsy (but so often overlooked) had an awareness day and that I could be part of raising its profile.

However, all too often after the Awareness Day everyone moves on and it goes back to those loyal few to try and keep its profile up there in the spotlight.  And that is what I want to try and help to do, that is my continued 'Purple Pledge', because for those individuals and families managing their lives with the condition it doesn't disappear after Awareness Day.

I posted about our own personal experience with J1 and Epilepsy and noted that it is one of the things I fear most for J1, as I know that my parent friends with children with disabilities who also suffer with Epilepsy, find the Epilepsy part of the diagnosis one of the hardest parts to try and cope with. 

We are lucky at the moment as the activity in J1 appears to have ceased, but I am constantly on the look out for any sign of it emerging, and if it did / does I would need the help and support of charities such as Young Epilepsy.

Although the 'Awarenss Day' and the 'My Purple Pledge' campaign has had it's day for this year, I appeal to everyone to continue to support those for whom Epilepsy touches.  Epilepsy Awareness Month takes place throughout May and it aims to do just what it says; Raise Awareness. 

Raising money for these charities is one way of helping and lots of fundraising ideas are available to look at on the website but moreover, if more people just understood the condition and it's implications it would make a world of difference to those individuals and families to whom it is an intricate part of everyday life.

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