Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Disability Diaries - Are coming back

It has been just over a year since I last posted on Lynsey The Mother Duck.  As explained in my last post, Beginnings, I wanted to take the little time I have available to start writing a first draft and to start a book review blog.

I am pleased to say I have managed to achieve both of those things, I am in the process of writing a first draft, via a structured course with Retreat West, and my review blog The Very Pink Notebook, has just celebrated it's one year anniversary. 

2016 proved to be somewhat of a stressful year for the length and breadth of Britain and for our family there was no exception.  It was a year for forcing the hand of change, with that came positives and negatives.  The biggest change was probably our move from England, across the bridge to Wales, and I am pleased to say it has been very positive. 

As is usual with any move, from a parental point of view, the biggest source of anxiety came from changing the children's school.  However, both boys have adjusted to the change amazingly well. 

J1, the little 4lb, 8 week premature baby that once fitted in my vest for kangaroo care, turned into a teenager at the end of last year, and some days we do see this...

Kevin the Teenager
(picture :

...which, given all his disabilities is, for us, brilliant news!  But a heck of a lot is going on with him at the moment and it is for this reason I have the compulsion to start writing on this blog again. 

So, I think I am going to bring back The Disability Diaries.  These are posts, written from the heart, about my real life experience of caring for a child with severe physical disabilities.  From the heartbreaks to the triumphs.  From the kindness of strangers to the fights over services and accessibility.  Written to help raise awareness of the day to day struggles a family can go through but equally to express the joy that can only be felt, when your eyes have been opened to a whole life you was not expecting.



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