Tuesday, 1 July 2014

From Baby to Boy

I write a lot about our life in respect of my eldest sons disability.  How it has an effect on us as a family.  How I cope, or more to the point, sometimes don't cope with the curve balls it sends our way.  But I also have another son, a younger son, who is four and perfectly healthy.

He is a very demanding little character, some days too much.  Other days he is so adorable and lovely I wonder - Why he can't be like that all the time? 
Don't we all though hey?

I am glad we have reached the age of four.  Both him and I relatively unscathed.  If somewhat a little hoarser from all the required raising of voice to get any acknowledgement that I need him to either bath; get dressed; brush his teeth; tidy his toys up; eat his dinner; not pull everything out of the drawer because the angry birds t-shirt is clearly already laid out on the bed. 
It is a big age. 
It officially moves him into 'Little Boy' phase of life.

As he rapidly approaches the end of his nursery days I have to admit I am just a very little bit excited that he will be going to school in September.  I am seeing many social media updates from other mums claiming they don't want their little one to head off into the big wide world of school yet.  But for us we are craving a new solid routine.  He is so ready to attend school that when the paperwork arrived on our door mat I had absolutely no hesitation in ticking the 'Yes - he will be attending full time' box, much to one friends horror who clearly doesn't think her child is ready.  Every child is different.  Every parent is different too I suppose.

Together over various shopping trips (trips to the shops are frequent and thus short for us to survive it) we have collected up polo shirts, v-neck jumpers, trousers, new underpants, PE kit, plimsolls (ugly looking things), lunch boxes (although now we have been informed that all children starting school in September 2014 will be entitled to free school meals but I haven't been able to burst his bubble on that one yet).  We scoured the Internet and found a company that could get his unusual name embroidered onto a gym kit bag (Mum of The Year award that one almost got me).  Finally, the one thing I am not looking forward to, a million 'iron in' name tags made.
As we wait for September to follow, what should be, a busy but hopefully pretty damn cool summer, we have already started on his adventure.  For him it is probably going to be the biggest, scariest and most exciting thing he has done in his short little life so far.  And I feel so privileged and lucky to be his mum to hold his hand at the start of this new era in his life.
We have been to visit the school twice on different afternoons, and he has happily charged around the playground.  We have borrowed reading books.  We have a whole host of other dates that are illuminating his road into education.  We have purchased one or two school logo pieces of uniform ready for school trips or concerts.
I am confident that he is going to be just fine in this transition.  I think it will be more telling on me when Thursday and Friday are no longer 'our days'.  Our lazy, TV morning followed by bath and then the playground or a picnic somewhere starts cease.  And although the voice is often raised he is my buddy.  He talks non-stop but he certainly ensures the day is never dull.  He forces me to stop worrying about the house work and encourages me to have a go on that zip wire!
So, although I am looking forward to the new times ahead and excited about the opportunities that may come along with change I am going to make damn sure to spend as much time at the park kicking a ball around as possible.  There are a few hundred turns on that zip wire to be had yet.
And as I always like to tell him 'He'll always be my baby.'


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  1. I remember being in your shoes this time last year. That last summer goes so quickly. Enjoy every second. Pip was a summer baby, and I was concerned he wouldn't be ready, but he has loved every second of reception and really thrived this year. Here's to J2 doing the same :0) x


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