Friday, 21 March 2014

Dear Blog ...

 Where to start, after seven months of not blogging, is a tricky one.  I guess a good place is to give an explanation as to the reason for the break, but in reality there hasn't been one, all definitive reason I decided to abandon Lynsey The Mother Duck for over half an annum.
Quite frankly I haven't wanted to blog, and on the occasion when the desire has returned I just have not had the time.  2013 was the worst and best of years.  A very strange mix that I do not particularly deign to experience again.  If I was a thrill seeker then maybe I would crave that rapid rollercoaster existence, but I am not and I do not.
I would never try and re-hash seven months in a blog post, but I believe the points to note are that we moved, again.  Actually scrap that, we didn't just moved we relocated.  This has meant our whole routine of life is completely different.  A new location, new nurseries, new schools, less hands on help with J1.  But I have to say, right here and now, best decision ever.  We all love our new abode and the change has made our little family flourish.
This would be one of the reasons for the lack of writing.  A re-location takes a lot of time and effort, not just in the initial move, but in establishing a life in a new area.  New routines mean 'spare' time has been even more sparse, and setting up house and schedules has been the priority. 
However, with the dawn of the season of spring - a wonderful time for new beginnings - things seem to now be in place and I myself have found a new routine.  My duckling free time has been divided into 'house-hold' running and writing.  It started last week and I was ecstatic when I hit my word count target of 7K, on my current WIP.
Then I thought of my little old blog.  Untouched.  Left wanting.  And I had the desire to write. 
So I sat down.  And I did.


  1. Well come back Lynsey.... have really missed you, and sometimes life just takes over; very much looking forward to reading you again! X

  2. and ps... if you want something to write about, you could always review my little book *being cheeky*. X

  3. Hope this is the first of many more posts x

  4. Glad to hear that the relocation has gone so well. And lovely to have an update and read your words again. Good luck with the writing :0) x


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