Saturday, 16 March 2013

Trying to Catch a Break

On the whole most people know, I try to stay positive.  I really do.  I can not see the point in too much moping and expending precious energy on griping over what can't be changed.

But lately things have been tough and I have to ask the question:

When are we going to catch a break?
And it isn't just us.  A myriad of my friends are all struggling the same.  Bills are stock piling, jobs are scarce.  Positive attitude waning.
People say every generation goes through this stressful economic period at sometime or other in their life.  How do they get through it?
I like to think that we can say, there are more important things than money.  There are.  But money, more to the point, lack of it is the biggest cause of stress.  
Good health, people say, we should be grateful for.  But with a son with severe Cerebral Palsy and husband with various on going ailments, I can do without stress causing me to feel ill.
I know this is a bad day.  I have a bug and am feeling low.  I can hear the wind howling past the windows and I am inclined to think this long, cold winter may never end.
But I do have to ask :
Are things going to pick up?  For anyone?


  1. I'm so sorry that you're feeling this way! I know it all too well as we have been saying the same thing for about 5 years now as it has been one thing after another with health and finances and saying goodbye to lifelong dreams... There is only so much you can take before you positivity begins to take a beating! What I wanted to say though is that things do get better, slowly but surely... But while you wait the winter feels so very long! Take the time for looking after yourself through these hard times... Count on friends and offload when you need to. Everyone needs that once in a while and a good mope can do you the world of gpod, so long as it doesn't go on indefinitely xx

  2. It's been tough for what seems like years. And it has been years. And I know you've just come through a particularly tough week. When I have a cold/PMS it makes me feel ten times worse too. You will get through this - it will come good. And you will hopefully feel better about things when your cold goes. The only thing I can think of when the chips are (really) down is to start focusing on the very smallest things to be grateful for - each breath, every heart beat, hot water, etc .... I know it sounds daft, but it can help to a list all the things from the day to be thankful for, before you go to bed - it can help set your mind for the next day. In tough times like these, it can feel like we are in survival mode. You have such a strong, resilient attitude to life, but it's okay to feel fed up about things too - especially when life keeps consistently throwing the punches. There is a wonderful book by Viktor Frankl called 'Mans Search for Meaning', a story about how he managed to survive life in a Nazi concentration camp. Big Hugs. XXX

  3. Sorry that you are going through a downer. Here is hoping that life starts looking up and that the weather improves. I always find that a bit of warmth and sun helps tremendously.

  4. It's completely natural to feel world weary at times - especially when you consider everything going on in your life. I am glad you feel able to say it, to reach out, because I think that's so important - to let people know.

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