Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Healthy Eating Challenge : Week 2 & 3

Due to my week long dedication to Motherhood last week I didn't get to undertake my normal posts, so I find myself now trying to recall the last two weeks with regard to my Healthy Eating Challenge.
Week two is one I like to remember.  I stuck studiously to my calorie allowance.  I carefully selected meals packed full of vegetables and lower on carbs.  I got out running.  The result, at my Friday morning weigh in, I had lost 4lb.  Thrilled was the order of the day.
Week three however has been what I can only class as an epic fail.  Starting with Duckling No.2 birthday cake and ending up with Pringles being eaten half a pot at a time and raisin club biscuits devoured mid-afternoon.  The arctic style weather has seen me hibernating indoors with not a running date in sight. My weigh in isn't until Friday but I am expecting to have regained the 4lb lost last week.
However, I am going to remember that I did lose that 4lb, so I am more than capable and falling off the wagon means you hop right back on.  In fairness it has been a tough week in general and my energies have been spent elsewhere rather than focusing on what I should and shouldn't be eating however I realise that I do have the ability to take back control and that is what I intend to do.
What have I learnt from this.  Do NOT stop using My Fitness Pal - it definitely was keeping me on the straight and narrow! 
I am linking this post up with Kate at The Naked Mum for #Wobbles Wednesday.  A linky supporting all those on a weight loss journey.


  1. Healthy attitude and you can get back on track. That 4 pounds shows you can do it and by the way, you may yet be surprised and lose or maintain anyway.
    Thanks for linking up. Stick with it!

  2. What a great loss and an even greater attitude after a few weeks of no loss for me it can be so hard not to think sod it. Well done, heres hoping that there will be some nicer weather to get outdoors x

  3. Good luck with your next weigh in and well done for staying positive :)

  4. Do not stop using MFP at all!! I am coming it back to it tomorrow after being made to use the WW app which I detest. MFP rocks and I have missed it, weight loss appears so easy when using it and I have never felt as guilty in my life having a chocolate bar and seeing the calories mount up.

    Good luck with the weight loss this next week!

    Sim @ Sim's Life xx


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