Saturday, 2 March 2013

Guest Post : The Mummy Kindness Manifesto

This week I am dedicating my blog to Motherhood. With Mothering Sunday fast approaching I wanted to spend a week enveloped in Appreciation for Motherhood, in all it's guises. In a series of amazing guest posts we are hearing what Motherhood means to an array of writers. Our guest writer today is fellow blogger Mummy Kindness. All contact details for Mummy Kindness can be found at the end of the article. Enjoy.

The Mummy Kindness Manifesto
I hope my blog will encourage mums to stop competing and comparing and start practicing more kindness to themselves and each other.
1. I will trust my own instincts.
2. I wil feed my baby however it suits me, my baby and my family.  I will never judge another mother for how she chooses to feed her baby.
3. I will always tell pregnant women they look amazing.  No other comments on her appearance or size are necessary.
4. I will accept that other willdo things differently to me.  This doesn't mean that they're wrong, I am wrong or that they think I am wrong.
5. I will only offer advice when it is asked for.  I will do so with love and without judgement.
6. I will remember I am entitled to be proud of my child.  But non-one likes a show off.
7. I will not be defined by the number on a scale.  It is not my worth.
8. I accept I will make mistakes.  I will learn from them and move on.
9. I will be true and authentic and not pretend all is perfect at all times.  This helps no-one.
10. I will not compare my insides with everyone elses outsides.
11. I will remember that my kind words, compliments or smile could make someone elses day.
12. I will accept compliments gracefully and I will believe them.
13. I will always remember that I am the best mum for my children, that I know them better than anyone else.  I will discount any thoughts or comments that suggest otherwise.
14. I will remember that it is OK, to not be OK sometimes.
15. I will be kind to others and kind to myself.  In doing so remember that is is not a competition.  All mummies are on the same team.


About Mummy Kindness

I'm a married mum of two little ones from Essex. Two babies in two years taught me a great deal about both parenthood and myself! In my new blog Mummy Kindness, I recently "came out" about suffering from PND. The response has been overwhelming and inspiring. I hope my blog will encourage mums to stop competing and comparing and start practicing more kindness to themselves and each other. Visit my site: or find me on twitter @mummykindness.


  1. Super post. Having just had baby no 2 numbers 2 and 3 on your list are particularly pertinent. And as for other people offering unsolicited advice...don't even get me started! I think that's a really good one to be mindful of.

    Am going to check out your blog now. x

  2. Ah great post! I really think that mums should be kinder to others and themselves. I am always shocked by the unnecessary and unpleasant comments people make. I think all new mums should get a copy of this manifesto in hospital!

  3. Lovely post, and a great reminder of some really important things... mothers can be their own worst enemies sometimes, but the fact is we should all be on the same team supporting each other - not scoring points against each other. And, as you so importantly say, we should respect each others mothering styles, and that what we do works best for us, and our children. :o).

  4. This is a fantastic reminder, to us all, that we need to be who we are and the best mother for our child and ourselves, no one else!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful post!


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