Saturday, 20 October 2012

Low Patch

I appear to be having one.  A low patch that is.  I have been perfectly fine, enjoying the brisk Autumn weather and getting lots done and then BANG.  It has like the Motivation Monster has been in the middle of the night and sucked it all out of me.

People say that is often the case after you have had a good couple of weeks.  Or a great event.  This is most annoying.  I hate that I do not seem to have any control over it.  I can't do anymore than I already am to keep myself upbeat.  All the other factors in life at the moment are not in my control.  Most of the time I can separate stressful things and by taking them individually deal with it.  But sometimes things raise their heads all at once, screaming 'Me first!  Me first!' and it feels like I am drowning.

Now going on past experience these phases, thankfully, only seem to last a couple of days, but they feel like an eternal stretch to me.  When, to keep up with life as it is at the moment - with a young family - I need to be tip top all the time just to keep our head above the water.  As my blog title was created to represent - to keep sailing along smoothly on our lake of life, my feet are paddling like crazy underneath.

A lack of sleep never helps, and I have to remind myself that I haven't had a long period of solid nights sleeps for almost nine years.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that our plate is slighter fuller than a lot of peoples and life is not as straight forward for me and my family.  Sometimes I have to remember to give myself a break if the house isn't as straight as I would like, if I am not keeping up with everything I would like to keep up with. 

Sometimes it's o.k not to keep up.  As long as you don't give up.


  1. Oh Lynsey. As you get older you start to realise that the world will not stop turning if you sit down for a while with your feet up. it doesn't take too long to refresh youself when you're used to being on the go, so give yourself permission to give yourself a break XXX

  2. You do an amazing job - starting to think one of best gifts we can give our children is let them see we are not perfect and have times when we are just too tired.

  3. Totally agree with Older Single Mum, give yourself a break - you are doing a fantastic job - more than good enough. When you get periods like these, take it really easy - 9 years of broken sleep is bound to effect your moods. Put your feet up, and I'll make you a cup of tea. X.

  4. When I think of all the things you do, the writing, your running, gardening...looking fabulous in the process, on top of looking after J1 and J2 and a poorly husband, it never fails to amaze me. It seems to me that you are the lynch pin that keeps everything together. Which makes it even more important that you look after you and take care of yourself. Part of doing that IS admitting that you're feeling low. That you need to take the foot off the gas for a while. Good for you. Hopefully things will turn around soon. Big hugs to one amazing woman. xxx

  5. Thank you all for your very kind comments. I have had a bit of lack of 'me' time of late, not getting out running or having the chance to sit and really write (Hubby is having to do all weird and wonderful hours to earn a living) and I think that is really having an effect. Let's keep our fingers crossed that a permanent position comes along soon and we can get ourselves a bit of routine back in our lives so I can be more than constantly wife / mum /

  6. Lynsey, I am going through the same thing, made worse because of Son2's current problems - one minute you're going fine, the next the littlest thing can flatten you. I don't have advice - need it myself - but I can offer lots of empathy!

    1. Thanks Tania. It can be the littlest thing quite literally - it is like the final bit of tape going on top of the pile to make it collapse. Up and down like a yo-yo at the moment! Let keep our fingers crossed that we start to get on top of it


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