Wednesday, 8 August 2012

What Has Happened to The Mother Duck?

Well, she is still alive and well!  Writing about Motherhood is wonderful, but with that comes the exception that sometimes actually 'doing' Motherhood takes precedence.

And that is exactly what has happened since 20 July 2012, my last blog post.  The Summer Holidays hit.  That six week period that you both look forward to and dread.  You get excited about the extra time with your babies.  No watching the clock and getting stressed with the school run traffic.  No uniform to get washed, dried and ironed in record time. 

Yet at the same time, you are thinking how on earth are you going to get everything done that you would normally do during the school day?  The answer - you are not.  How are you going to keep them entertained but not spoilt?  The answer - you just do.

And that is exactly what we have been doing around here.  We have been enjoying the Summer Break from school.  However I forgot just how much more time having two children at home full time takes up. 

I can not just blame the arrival of the Summer Holidays for my writing abandonment though.  The London 2012 Olympics has to also take some of the blame.  I have been hooked on it since the first bar of music at the [fantastic] Opening Ceremony.  I have watched with awe and pride.  I have been inspired.

Which leads me to factor number three having a detrimental affect on my writing efforts.  Running.  I am so hooked on running again that I have got a 'proper' training schedule and everything now.  I am on a four week preparation programme before I hit the eight week one for my 10 mile race in October.  This requires at least three mid-week runs and a weekend.  Therefore my 'free' time is generally having to be spent pounding the pavements.

Time is scarce at the best of times, but even more thinly spread than normal right now.  But September is a mere weeks away.  The Olympic flame will fade.  School will resume.  Writing will get a look in once more.

In the mean time I will endeavour to post as and when I can.  There is lots going on in our world that I wish to record in our journal of life.


  1. Lovely to hear that you are enjoying the summer. In the hotter days I've so wished I lived near the beach and wasn't in landlocked London. Lucky you :-)

    The Olympics is gripping - isn't it? I'm glued to the TV. Glad to hear you've got your running shoes on. Good luck with the prep for your big run. (I can barely break into a fast waddle at the moment!) xx

  2. Hello *waves* Mother Duck! To be honest, I think a lot of poeple/bloggers are having a break over the Summer, I know I'm going to take a couple of weeks off soon, but as you say, you have greater priorities at the moment, your lovely boys and your fabulous running - which I'll bet you're feeling great from doing! I'm loving the Olympics too! The opening ceremony blew me away! Enjoy your Summer,and when you coe back to your blog, you will feel so energised, and ready to go!

  3. Good to get some news, and yes a lot of bloggers seem to be taking a breather over the summer months. I still have to sit in the room while my son goes to sleep so I do get time thst needs to be used usefully! Looking forward to reading all the news in September x

  4. Its good to hear about you having a good summer and watching the Olympics! :)


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