Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Garden Plan - How is it progressing part 2

With the return of the sun for, an albeit, brief period I have been able to get out in the Garden and continue on with some of the 'The Garden Project'.

Tidying Up The Front of the House

I was beginning to worry that the rain would never stop and I would not get this planted up.  Plus the plants were all starting to flag in their little temporary plastic homes.  But luckily last Wednesday I was 'sans J2' and thus could safely spend some time out in the front of the house.  I wasn't sure what I was going to produce, but was pleased with the end product. 

This photograph doesn't really do it justice, especially as now a week later the bedding plants have all started to come into bloom, so there is a lovely variety of blue, pink and white now.  But this does show it has been cleared and planted up.  One more item to tick off of the to do list.

The Greenhouse

I was pleased with the progress in the Greenhouse on the last update and I am pleased to say I have now completed what I wanted to in there.  The extra vegetables (courgette, cucumbers, purple sprouting broccoli and yellow tomatoes) have now been planted up so the soil side is quite packed. (This photo shows when they were just planted, they have grown an awful lot in the last week).

The seeds and trugs are also doing well.  The lettuce has already been harvested and eaten and now I am hoping it grows as quickly again so we can enjoy some more. 

The strawberries are nicely laden with new little growing strawberries.

Pots and Hanging Baskets

Are all coming nicely into bloom now and have really filled out from when originally planted.  We have decided that my four roses that I purchased with Wedding Gift money are looking rather unhealthy and I think they need bigger pots and some love and attention (feeding).  I would love to get them planted up but there is just no space so bigger pots I am hoping will do the job.

To Do...

There is still much tidying to be done and a fair bit of weeding in the front and back.  But I do think I have finished all of the planting now.  Of course as I write this the rain and gale force wind has set back in so we wait and hope for the sun and 'summer' to return. 

I am also reluctant to spend money on the childrens patio set if we are constantly going to be running out to pack it up and get it in the shed.  Also no sun, means no BBQ's which kind of defeats the object.

But, since I started 'The Garden Project' I have my beady eye on a very special swing for the Garden... that will take a wheelchair...

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  1. You have made fantastic progress you can't beat home grown fruit and veg. The hard work at the front will soon pay off and everything will soon be in bloom with the help of more forcasted rain. Thanks for linking up.
    Making it as mum xx

  2. Nothing like growing and eating your own vegetables. So satisfying - and healthy too. All we need now is some sunshine! x

    PS. I've tagged you in my latest post. (Only if you want to.)

  3. Good for you! Its all coming along so well. You're doing a fab job. Loving the lettuces and strawberries. I don't know how you pack it all in. You're such a tour de force!

  4. Considering how little sunshine we've had I think you've done an amazing job here! I love having our own fruit and vegetables from the garden. Intrigued by the sound of the new swing. When you get it, could we have a photograph? Polly x


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