Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Plan - February

In January I decided to break down my Hopes and Aims for 2012 into bite size chunks over the year (full list can be viewed on post 2012 Plan) and to try and achieve those in conjunction with the Grooving Mums initiative over at Kate on Thin Ice.  Every week you can link up your posts about how and why you want / need to achieve certain things in your life, and it is a great place to read how others are 'finding their groove' to get inspired.

I pledged to attempt to start to achieve two or three items from my Personal and the same from my Family list in January (The Plan - January) and was steaming along nicely until this final week when I was struck down with a nasty bug that put me into bed for half a week and made me very grumpy and tired for the remainder of it, thus the lack of blog posts this last week.

However, being almost back to normal now (just a snotty cold to shift and energy levels to get back up to full speed...) and trying to find 'the silver lining' in being unwell and forced to bed has allowed me some time to think about what I would like to try and work on throughout February.  Of course I want to continue to achieve the things I was working hard on in January, keeping up with cooking at least four 'real meals' a week, baking something at least once a month and getting at least three blog posts out per week and I am confident that I will be able to and I am now aiming to also get cracking on the following :


- Be more vigilant with J1's home physiotherapy, even though he complains

There is a very serious reason for this one to be put up to red alert, a recent visit to J1's hip doctor this week has proved a little anxious, we have to go see him again in two months, with recent (i.e to go and get done) xrays as there is a possibility the hip is slipping out.  This is bad news if it is.  This means more surgery.  Bad, bad, bad all round, fingers crossed this is not the case.

- Start weekly swim sessions with J2 again

This was all planned to be started this week, but illness saw it off.  However, our swim bags are all packed and ready to go for next week.  Under 5's sessions here we come (well as long as we are not snowed in of course!)

- Do house filing once a month and keep on top of it all

Ha ha, once I have cleared the back log (do not enjoy the prospect, but once it's done it's done I suppose...)


- Start notes on book idea 

And this is not the children's book series, those are being worked on too, but I have also started a little file up on the ideas that have been bashing around my head for the last few months too on other possibilities.  I have found that I have been building characters in my mind of late and so want to get all those details recorded down, before they fall out of my ear.

- Continue to try and make an effort with my appearance as it is making me feel better

I was doing well with this pre-christmas, and it's fallen by the wayside again (I tend to find it does in the depths of winter, I go out much less (not a lover of the cold and all) and so don't need to but on spotting an almost mono-brow situation this morning I thought this should probably get bumped up the list.

- Treat self to a spa afternoon once every 3 months

Yes, this was on the list last month and not achieved so it's on again as it is a 'once every 3 months' item.  I am ever hopeful.

I am pleased to say that part of one of my other 'Aims' has also been achieved :

- Continue to learn about gardening and possibly go to The Chelsea Flower Show

My dear mum called very excited the other day to ask if I would like my birthday present to be a ticket to the Chelsea Flower Show with her?  YES PLEASE AND THANKYOU!  The other part of this 'aim' - well that will be a March / April, as I am a fair weather gardener!  However I have managed to locate my little collection of gardening books to try and have a look at soon, so that is a start.

I am pleased to say that the whole point of these posts, and the encouragement of hooking up with the Grooving Mum's, is to help me realise that I am achieving a lot when sometimes it really feels like I am not, and on days or weeks when I may not have much momentum and be in the possible situation of 'falling into a rut' (easy to do in winter with children, just stay in and play in PJ's), this encourages me not to do that. 

This week, with being under par that has been necessary (staying in and being in PJ's I mean) but I am soon fed up with it, and intend to get back out there in my grooving shoes (or maybe snow boots, brrr chilly).


  1. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)

  2. I liked your comment about the notes for your book. I need to get them out of my head before they fall out of my ear. Clever!
    Hope you're feeling fully fit soon. Sounds like you're still on track with your plan. And wishing you / J1 well with the hip situation. I hope that resolves itself in the best possible and least painful outcome. x

  3. Thanks for joining in again. Just popping by to let you know that this week's linky and challenges are open here Feel free to link up this post if you want or to write a new one.
    Now going back to have a proper read of yours.

  4. I never plan lol because I never keep to it ... I want to start Josh swimming again, when it gets a little warmer though. Did you get lot's of snow ??

  5. Hello. Just popping over from Grooving Mums. What an interesting list. Its so annoying being unwell isnt it? You want to crack on with stuff but you cant. maybe forced rest isnt such a bad thing though. Your writing ideas sound fab especially the childrens books.


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