Friday, 24 February 2012

Monthly Feature : Marvellous Mum

This is the first post for my new monthly feature called 'Marvellous Mum' where I give a Marvellous Mummy a chance to tell us why she loves being Mum and why she loves her lifestyle.  Over the months we will talk to Mum's who stay - at - home, work from home, work full time / part time, Mum's who care for disabled children / children with special needs, Single Mum's, First time mums, Mums of Premature Babies, Mums that have battled with illnesses themselves etc.

My first 'Marvellous Mummy' is a first time Mum, a part time working Mum, a Photographer Mum and an Etsy Shop owner!  She is the Fabulous Kelly-Marie Venamore.  I met Kelly through the world of blogging about six months ago.  Back then she was Kelly Marie Bareham, but of course the lovely lass was snapped up off the market and she married Matt just last year.

Here she tell's us why she loves her life!

Tell us a little bit about your family?

Well as you know I am Kelly-Marie and I am married to my lovely Matthew and mummy to my amazing little boy Joshua and together we are totally in love. We live in the UK in a small cottage house.

What is the best part about working part time and being a mum?

I absolutly LOVE being a mum but let's face it, if I was talking baby talk and cleaning stinky nappies 24/7 I would go crazy! I work just across the road in a small Post Office 2 days a week so it's not like I am far away, and I love to talk to all my regular customers.

What is the worst part about working part time and being a mum?  Are there any particular struggles you face?

It can be kinda hard when Matt is called in for overtime, as he either has to let them down or swap my shift. Other then that it's great being able to go out and work a little.

Is your household laid back or manic?

It's pretty laid-back in our house as it's just the three of us and plus I am an extremly laid back person anyway and so is Matt. Josh is such a good boy and is hardly ever a problem; such a happy baby, obviously he has his moments of craziness espesailly when a new tooth comes through.

What is your favourite type of day (e.g PJ day / Out all day etc)?

A day when Matthew and I are both off work and it's nice enough to go out, they are well and truly the best days as they come rare around here.

What are the top three things that being a mum has taught you?

Sleep - It's amazing how much lack of sleep a mummy can survive on.
Patience - Josh is a pain to get dressed due to all the wiggling, and takes his sweet old time eating breakfast.
Love - I never realised how much I could love one little man.

Would you change anything in your life right now?

NEVER .. I may not have much money but I am rich in love for my two guys.

List three things that you would like to achieve this year?

1. Pass my driving test, so we can have more of those perfect days out together.
2. Move house, the house we are in at the moment is fine but I would like somethign a bit more modern with a nice little garden and maybe an extra bedroom for when we decide to start trying for baby number 2.
3. Save up and book our holiday to Cyprus next year :D  It will be my first holiday in 10 years !

In a short summary, tell us why it is Marvellous being a Mummy?

You can find out more about Kelly via her fantastic blog 'Our Footprints on the World' you can also contact Kelly on :

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JOSHUA ! ! - that is all :)


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