Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Grooving my way through February - How did I get on?

Frankly I am not getting on as well as I was in January, and refer to my blog post F is For ... February, Frustrating and Freezing for more details on that!  However, as we draw to the end of F-F-February I thought I had better face up to my poor show (I am all for the good, but just as much admitting the bad and ugly) and take stock of what I need to improve on in March. 

So for inspiration to get my groove back on track I am going to be linking up with Kate on Thin Ice and the Grooving Mum's initiative, because like Kate says, nothing like asking other bloggers to give you a kick up the backside, in a nice, positive way of course.

My aims for February were :


- Be more vigilant with J1's home physiotherapy, even though he complains

OK, this one has been achieved because there was no wiggle room.  More vigilant day to day physiotherapy has been incorporated into our routine (with complaining no less) and I have also kept up my badgering the school to ensure he gets all physio / massage / floor work time he should do whilst at school.  So big gold star on this one.  Alas, I think this will be the only one, but it was the most important.

- Start weekly swim sessions with J2 again

Illness / Viruses / Bugs and most recently Mumps has seen this one off.  So swim bag is still packed and ready to go, once J2's neck resumes to normal size.

- Do house filing once a month and keep on top of it all

Can you hear laughter where you are?  Yes, that is me.  Obviously moving this one onto March...


- Start notes on book idea

Well in fairness I did get down the initial stuff that I wanted to but haven't progressed further but I wasn't expecting to either.  I have also purchased a guide to help with novel writing and understanding publishing.  Baby steps.

- Continue to try and make an effort with my appearance as it is making me feel better

I would say this is being achieve 60% of the time.  If I can get my hair washed and straightened, it is much more likely to occur.  And days I am indoors for the duration it is a pleasure to have 'comfy clothes' days as well.

- Treat self to a spa afternoon once every 3 months

As I suspected back in January, this has made it to the 3rd month but as it is a once every 3 month item, still not failed as yet...

One item that should have also been on the 2012 plan was to see and catch up with friends more.  I am pleased to say that this has been and is in the pipeline to happen.  I have made a concerted effort to get dates in the diary, and due to various baby arrivals I have got numerous baby showers and 'first visits for a cuddle' to attend.  It is easy to forget how brilliant you feel after seeing 'other walking, talking adults' that are not the parentals or husband every now and then!

Now to start thinking about what the aims for March are going to be...


  1. You did make me laugh with your comment about the house filing. I am exactly the same. But you know what..whilst it might not be all filed neatly, I bet I could still find exactly what I needed if asked!

  2. Sounds like you are making good progress. Good on you for buying a book on writing a novel. I might pluck up the courage to do something similar one day. Ps I sent you an email regarding Britmums.


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