Saturday, 9 June 2012

Special Saturday : Latest Achievement

Special Saturday is a great hashtag.  It encourages everyone with whom Special Needs features in their lives, to write about it, status check it, tweet about it and link up in order to try and raise awareness of living with Special Needs.  As you know I am always interested in any ways and means of raising awareness for this very reason (hence why I started The Disability Diaries) so I will be joining in this fantastic movement.

This weeks Special Saturday theme is 'Latest Achievement'.  I mention frequently that I am amazed and astounded at what J1 achieves on a daily basis, be it an attempt at rolling, or getting him to do just one extra movement during physio, reaching and pincer holding something or counting to 5.  He does so much that fills me with pride, that it is difficult to think of one thing to highlight.

However, I have got to say that this week, with it being half term, and obviously getting much more one to one time with him, he has opened my eyes to how much more he is comprehending.  A fabulous example to give of this is the 'Days of the Week'.  For some time now, thanks to his wonderful school and teachers, he has been able to recite the days of the week.  It has been in a parrot like fashion and this on its own has been pleasing. 

But, in the last few days we have had very clear and concise (again another improvement that I could only have dreamt about a few years ago) conversations about what is happening on particular days of the week.  In addition to this he has quoted the correct days when asked questions; that is - what was yesterday; what is today; what day will it be tomorrow. 

This extra ability to demonstrate real comprehension of such things is something, I have to admit, I did not think would ever happen.  He is starting to show real development in his mental capabilities that is just stunning to me.  Some of those things that I grieved he might never be able to do are now becoming a reality and other realms of possibility are starting to open up and become reachable.

I guess the moral of this story is, never underestimate what your child can do.



  1. That was brilliant. I feel like, through your words, I'm really getting to know J1. All his developments are all down to you though - he's a very, very lucky little boy to have a mum like you!

  2. That is a brilliant achievement and what a very proud mummy you must be! It's one of the biggest joys of motherhood isn't it, watching these little developments and marvelling at how they ever come about. Very special. Polly

  3. Great news and a lovely post. I totally agree with your conclusion.

  4. That is a brilliant achievement and definitely something to shout about. Thank you for joining in with specialsaturday

  5. Well done J1! That's a fabulous achievement. You must be so proud. xx

  6. I am mildly disabled since birth myself (hearing impaired) and know how even someone in my position was underestimated. What's more, I have seen friends and associates with very profound physical and intellectual impairments achieve *way* beyond what many thought they could. I have seen friends with no motor control become artists and authors (by conceptualising their work and managing others in the undertaking of it) and seen friends whose parents were told they would never amount to anything academically achieve their personal intellectual development dreams (in some cases, exceptionally so). Please don't rely on the perceptions of experts - look for personal accounts from profoundly disabled people themselves as to what the realities of their lives have been and are. Who better to show you a little of what a significantly disabled childhood and adulthood is really like than someone who has lived that?

    I don't know what life holds for your children but I do know that none of us knows the future. I do know that we barely understand how the brain works, that new physical therapies are always evolving, that people can and do make leaps beyond what 'professionals' perceive possible. Most of all, I know that a loved child has a better chance than anyone of bringing joy into the world - and that's what we need more of. Not just engineers and doctors and artists and entrepreneurs and scientists and novelists and so on - but people who just shine with love and who help others discover the love within themselves. Perhaps your children will be those kinds of people - perhaps they already are.

    I wish you well and hope you continue to find the personal insight and strength to be truly happy with what is.


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